October 06, 2016
  1. In the first two quarters of 2016, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) processed 56,105 Employer Applications for Permanent Employment Certification, denied 2,961, and 2,490 were withdrawn. Compared to the first two quarters of 2015, there was a 35% increase in applications processed, 31% increase in applications denied, and 12% increase in applications withdrawn. 
  2. Of the applications processed, the top 5 occupations for which labor certification applications were certified are the following Read More; Computer and Mathematical (57%), Architecture and Engineering (9%), Management (8%), Business and Financial Operations (6%), and Education, Training, and Library (4%) occupation. The top 5 work site states for which labor certifications were filed were California (23%), Texas (13%), New Jersey (9%), New York (7%), and Washington (6%).

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