July 31, 2013

U.S. Consulate in Istanbul initiated the Business Visa Program (BVP), which allows expedited visa appointments for business travelers. The business travelers have the first priority to make visa appointments if they have to travel unexpectedly and their trip could not have been predicted. Applicants attending fairs, festivals, expos or participating in sales incentive trips of any kind, and part of large groups are not eligible for the BVP.

Travelers who would like to apply for expedited visa appointments must first request for a regular appointment. Once the appointment date is confirmed, they need to fill out the BVP Form at the Istanbul U.S. Consulate’s website to explain their reasons for requesting an expedited visa appointment. It should be noted that the applicants need to provide information that shows the travel is for urgent business purposes.

Applicants who have previously been refused for a U.S. visa are not eligible for an expedited appointment under the BVP. Applicants who show up at the Consulate for the expedited interview and are found to have been previously refused for a U.S. visa will be turned away on their appointment date. If applicant does not receive a reply from the US Embassy of Istanbul within three business days, the BVP request is not approved for an expedited appointment and the applicant retains his/her original appointment date.

Please note the BVP expedited visa appointments are only available at the Istanbul Consulate. U.S. Embassy in Ankara does not provide BVP appointments.

Remzi Guvenc Kulen, Esq.