November 14, 2013

Attorney Remzi Guvenc Kulen was a speaker at a series of seminars regarding investment to the U.S. Below are photos from seminars held at Turkish Exporters Association, MARIFED and Verim Business Association in Istanbul.

I was one of the speakers on a series of seminars that discussed investing and pursuing business in the U.S. from November 14th to November 19th in various locations around Istanbul. Each seminar was organized by some of the leading business organizations in Turkey such as; Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association (IMMIB), a member of the Turkish Exporter’s Association (TIM); the Federation of Marmara Business Life Associations (MARIFED), a member of TUSKON and the umbrella organization of 41 businesses associations; and Istanbul Verim Businessman Association (IVIAD).

There was a big turnout in each seminar, compared to similar events I spoke in the past, which indicates that there is an increased interest in investing in the U.S. Seminar topics covered the essential key points of investing in the U.S. including; establishing a company in the U.S, reducing export risks, important tips in visa applications, visa solution for professional and investors, work permit and green card opportunities through investment, important points to consider before entering the U.S. market, investment analysis and preparing a business plan, taxation for U.S. businesses and dual residents, accounting records for multi-national companies, and financial and credibility requirement for enterprises in the U.S.