April 24, 2013

Form I-94 is the form that is issued to a traveler while entering the US. This form is filled out by the traveler and entry date and visa classification is stamped by the CBP officer when entering the US. This small white card is attached to the traveler’s passport, and taken by the officer when the traveler leaves the country.


Starting from April 30, 2013, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has automated Form I-94. Travelers will no longer receive the paper Form I-94 upon arrival except in limited circumstances. The travelers will be provided with a CBP admission stamp on their passports so that officers will track who leaves the US by checking this CBP admission stamp upon leaving the country. If a traveler needs a copy of Form I-94 for verification of alien registration, immigration status or employment authorization, it can be obtained from www.cbp.gov/I94. Please note, I-94 automation will not impact a traveler’s ability to enter the U.S. CBP will continue to create an I-94 record for all travelers who require one, but the paper form will be created in an electronic format and not provided to the traveler.  Also, travelers will not need to do anything differently upon exiting the U.S.