February 20, 2014

USCIS will start to accept the H-1B applications for 2015 H-1B quota on April 1, 2014. In the last fiscal year, the quota numbers were exhausted within the first five business days. This year a greater demand for H-1Bs is anticipated, and we expect that the quota will be exhausted in the first five business days. If the USCIS receives more applications than statutory maximum than a lottery will be conducted to determine quota eligible filings. Read More Last year the USCIS has confirmed that 124,000 H-1B cap-subject filings were received within the first five business days of April; and out of that statutory limit of 65,000 regular cap plus 20,000 advanced-degree cap filings were selected by lottery. To maximize the chances of your H-1B petition making it on time to the USCIS, early preparation is recommended. It takes at least 10 days prepare an H-1B application. Therefore, it is highly recommended to begin the filing process as early as possible. Some petitioners are inquiring whether they can file multiple applications for the same person to increase their chances in the lottery. USCIS will automatically disqualify the applications if the same petitioner files more than one H-1B filings for the same person. On the other hand, USCIS will continue to accept separate H-1B filings by different companies for the same person.

Remzi Guvenc Kulen Esq.