February 06, 2015

Some traveling clients have come across problems with the online I-94 system. They have found arrival/departure dates to be incorrect or missing. Inaccurate information causes confusion for the client, attorney, and immigration officials ad may affect duration of stay in the U.S. We advise our clients facing this problem to check their Form I-94 online immediately after coming to U.S. If there are any problems with the record visa holders must visit their local Deferred Inspection Unit. Any designated deferred inspection location or CBP office located within an international airport should be able to assist you regardless of where you made the entry. Form I-94 provides nonimmigrants evidence that they have been lawfully admitted to the United States. The CBP gathers nonimmigrant visa holders’ travel arrival and departure information and updates them electronically making it easy to access. The I-94 webpage (https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/) has your I-94 number, most recent date of entry, class of admission and admit-until date and also includes your U.S. entry-exit dates for the last 5 years. This system facilitates security and reduces federal costs.

Remzi G. Kulen