October 30, 2013

Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery) is an annually conducted Green Card lottery that provides 55,000 Green Cards without employer or family sponsorship. Every year, the lottery is conducted automatically via computer based system.

Please bear in mind that no entries will be accepted after noon EDT on November 2, 2013, regardless of whether or not there are system delays during the registration period. We recommend DV program entrants to apply as soon as possible since there are only a few days left for the registration deadline. Also in the past, system delays caused by extremely heavy demand in the final days of the registration period have prevented some applicants from registering for the program. Although the system is upgraded regularly, overwhelming demand could cause delays.

Also government authorities warned DV lottery applicants to be cautious about scammers. USCIS warned that during DV lottery applications it is common for scammers to pose as the U.S. government and attempt to deceive DV Program applicants and take their money. DV Program applicants should not to interact with anyone other than the U.S. Department of State regarding this program and to be wary of fake emails, letters, text messages and phone calls from possible scammers.

Remzi Guvenc Kulen, Esq.