February 15, 2016

If you have suffered or have the fear that you will suffer persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion, you may file for asylum in the U.S. Applications for Asylum need to be done within a year of arriving in the U.S. Since applications based on political opinion or social group are harder to prove, the applicants are advised to bring documents that show 1) their membership in any relevant groups on account of which they have been persecuted, 2) evidence of actual persecution. Such evidence includes, but is not limited to membership cards in political or religious groups, photographs that show how you were harmed; threatening letters; or police or medical reports referring to the harm you had sustained.

After submitting the Application for Asylum, you may apply for employment authorization within 150 days. You may also petition to bring the rest of your family to the U.S. After USCIS grants this status, you are eligible to apply for a green card 1 year after receiving the grant of asylum. Your spouse and children are also eligible to apply for a green card if they were admitted to the United States as asylees or were included in your grant of asylum. 


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