June 24, 2013

Last week Senators agreed on an amendment about border security measures with the goal of attracting more votes, especially from lawmakers who are reluctant to support any immigration legislation that does include significant enforcement measures at the southern border. This compromise is a huge step towards passing the bill.

The amendment would add more than 40 billion dollars in new border security spending, including a near-doubling of border security agents to 40,000, new drones, 700 miles of fencing and other technological materials to be able to secure the border. However, the amendment states that all mandatory enforcement expenditures under the Act would be funded by additional fees charged to applicants. This could result in a dramatic increase in filing fees, which would make the legal immigration system very expensive for families and for small businesses seeking to hire foreign nationals.

Senate is expected to pass the bill before July 4th recess. Stay tuned for the updates.